Welcome to my first official blog post and joining me while I hop on the blog bandwagon!    Like most design blogs, we too just bought a new house.  We recently moved our young family across country from Denver, Colorado to of all random places... Falmouth, Maine (right outside Portland).   I grew up in New England, but had been living in Colorado for the past 10 years.  My husband had been there for almost 20 as he moved out there for high school from Pittsburgh.    Pre kids and marriage, I was working as an Urban Planner in the private sector.   Now with two young and VERY active boys  Huck, almost 4 and Parker 1.5, my design mind desperately needed to be fulfilled.  I am pretty sure that if I paint one more room in our house my husband may loose it (he is not one for living in a construction zone,  but then again who is :-)  )   So here I am ready to offer my design services to others!  

We moved into our house at the end of July (we have now been in the house for 7 months).  Our goal before the movers came was to at least have the master bedroom and the boys bedrooms painted.  One of the most unsightly rooms was the master.  I am kicking myself now, because we did not take a ton of before shots.  However, my husband did manage to take a few with his I Pad during the inspection.  Here is a glimpse of the before:  


I told you it was bad!  Living in a pink/ salmon color room was out of the question.  I don't know if you can tell in the pictures, but all the trim was also a yucky beige color, which took about 5 coats of white to cover (we totally should have primed it first and it would have only needed 3).     Since the ceiling height in the main part of the home is only 8 feet high, and the room is north facing, I wanted to brighten it up with a bright white ceiling and trim and a light, almost white  green/ blue color for the walls.  I settled on Benjamin Moore's Silver Crest.   Here is the after:


We debated about hanging the moose head above the fireplace, or over the bed.  The over the bed won out and he makes me chuckle whenever I see him.   

What is the worse color that you had to paint over?